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Donations to União Sefardita

The União Sefardita Hispano-Portuguesa (The Spanish-Portuguese Union) was created specially to help every jew regards Torah observance, and our site is a free service for all.
Our organization's principal target is the reorganization of the spanish and portuguese families (called "marranos" by the catholics) wherevever they happen to have been dwelling since the establishment of the inquisitorial laws and up to these days. We intend to assist them on their way back to their roots and to the practice of genuine Judaism.
Firstly we intend to do our outmost to help individuals. And, as soon as our financial condition gets better, we will assist communities as a whole too. There are many jews world-wide whose economic condition prevent them from purchasing tefillin, mezuzoth, etc. and our organization intends to help them, as it already is doing, by sending them what they are in need of. Our beneficial operations are aimed at any single jew or community whether they are sefardic, ashkenazi or from any other diaspora. We hope to be enabled to assist those jews educate their children as well by means of providing them the necessary jewish literature.

Our site "Judaismo-Iberico" has been designed and developed for all, and it's free. Its development and maintenance does, however, cost us a great deal, and we do need the help of those who can afford to give it. If you would like to support us, you may do so by credit card using PayPal's secure payment service:

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Tax Information: Donations to União Sefardita are not tax-deductible, but we would like to be helped to gain tax-deductible status with the help of some umbrella tax-exempt foundation. Our site is developed and maintained by a small non-profit group of individuals.

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