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Who are the messianic-"jews"?

A number of years ago, many Protestant missionary congregations found themselves facing a tragic reality: Their missionary obsession of spreading Christianity was a world wide success, with one sole exception. Namely, these missionaries failed to separate the Jewish nation from their faith. What remained unbearably unpalatable to these Christians, was the fact that the Jewish People were responsible for the birth of the Christian religion.

Uppon facing this reality, they began searching for the reason behind their failed attempts to convert the Jews. They stated the following: "We exaggerated when claiming that the Jews were stiff necked. We must find the reason as to why they are so stubborn towards our belief".

They soon discovered that throughout the generations spanning the better part of two thousand years, the Jews' suffering was largely attributed to "that one man". Therefore, most Jews found it extremely difficult to trust the people from whom they had suffered most. Not surprisingly, the Jewish people's ears remained firmly closed to the missionaries' evangelical preaching of Christian love.

However, there is an exception to every rule. After some time, the Christian leadership eventually found a traitor, (Many Jews abandoned their Judaism during the harsh times in Europe, and many infants were stolen, and, or hidden in Christian families, in order to be raised as Christians.).

The Christian Clergy had a plan. They said: "If the Jews can't trust the non Jews, then let us send them people from within their own faith, perhaps they'll listen to them." Those poor soles, unaware of the seriousness of their actions because they were raised without any knowledge of Judaism, were successful. Shortly after this, many Jews were destroyed spiritually, and as a result, were disconnected from the nation. A Jew without connection to the Torah, is disconnected from his God.

The messianic-"jews" are not considered to be Jews as far as the Torah is concerned, until such time as they cease their evil behavior. However, their children are considered to be Jews who are being held captive by non Jews, and must be helped in every way possible so that they can be reunited with their nation, and God. It is advisable to refer these people to those who can help them, such as various Rabbanim, the Yad Leachim Organization, and private individuals who are experienced in such matters.

One should be extra careful when searching the Internet for sites such as the crypto-jews, or hidden Jews, because many of these sites belong to highly experienced missionaries, who specialize in preying upon Jews possessing crypto-judaic origins.

We extend our hand with the expressed purpose of lending assistance to all who are confused, or have questions about the 'interesting prophecies' touted by these missionary groups such as, "the one who has been and will return", as well as the basis upon which their belief rests. We chose not to publish this information here, and we did not publish any information on the real Meshiach for whom we await every day. The reason for this being, is that we choose not to be hostile towards millions of non Jews who believe in Christianity and think that our prophecies have already come to life 'in that man'. We do not wish to get into arguments with other nations about our faith. All that we desire is to help our brothers and sisters who have been caught in the clutches of the so called messianic-"jews", and other like minded abominations. Although we understand that their belief is based Upon mistaken understanding, we are not looking to fix the world. That will only bring further misunderstanding, and pointless hatred. The few words that we actually write concerning this matter, stems from our shear concern for our brothers and sisters, that have fallen into the hands of those taking advantage of their lack of Torah knowledge.

We encourage all Jews who have questions relating to their faith, to write to us.

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